East Hampton MonkMusic Studio

A beautiful recording studio in the Hamptons, with acoustical and architectural design by the legendary John Storyk, (www.wsdg.com) MonkMusic Studio offers 2 acoustically perfect and isolated live recording rooms, an extra large control room for comfort with ADR and ISDN and remote recording services. We offer 5.1 recording and mixing for all of your post-production requirements.

We also have an extensive sound effects and sample libraries and offer composition and arrangement /production services for any commercial or personal artistic venture.


  • 650' Sq. Ft . separated into three recording rooms, all acoustically isolated on concrete slabs; each is thermostatically controlled individually. Movable reflective and deadened surfaces. Flutter free and RPG Diffractal panels for even sound in both mixing and recording rooms. (www.rpgacoustic.com/diffractal)
  • The studio design is based on a combination of optimal room proportion, membrane absorbers used for critical low frequency room response, and specifically placed diffusers (in some instances transparent) for high frequency reflection control.
  • Video monitors in every room for scoring or ADR.


  • Protools 10/11/12 with HD 3 I/0
  • 5.1 Genelec 8240DSP monitors and subwoofer, tuned to the room by Genelec, Inc. and Mike Chafee.
  • Hybrid AVID C-24 console
  • Multiple Cue systems
  • StudioComm fully digital monitoring system by Studio Technologies


  • 4 Channels NPNG (2 Discrete 13 Transistor Class A Op Amp Stages per channel..classic and transparent)
  • 2 Channels Pacifica (built on Quad 8 Transfomer In/Out architecture)
  • 2 Channels Neve 1073
  • 4 Channels Sytek Class A transformerless design
  • 1 Millenia Origin Class A Preamp /EQ/Comp (Origin includes the highly acclaimed HV-3 discrete hybrid transistor microphone preamp, the M-2b all-tube mic pre, a single channel of the NSEQ 4-band parametric equalizer and the TCL Twincom optocompressor)
  • 8 Channels Focusrite Mic Preamps
  • 16 Channels AVID Mic Preamps
  • Thermionic Culture "The Phoenix" stereo valve compressor
  • Neve 33609 "N" stereo compressor


Our microphone selection ranges from vintage favorites like NeumannU47 with the ORIGINAL VF14 M tube, Power supply AND M7 capsule, M149, U67, U87, AKG 414 and Sennheiser 421 to some of the newest and clearest sounding tube mics from Telefunken (AK47) and Royer 122 Tube. Our collection also features the UM 25 and UM 17 handbuilt TAB Funkenwerk microphones with Historic ElaM251 circuit updated by Oliver Archut.

Come and taste them!




Roland V-drums with mesh heads/TD 12 Brain

1968 Gibson Hummingbird
1984 Telecaster (Pink Paisley Issue)
Yamaha 88 Key Weighted Keyboard
Yamaha Upright Piano, Refurbished by Steinway & Sons
Ukes, Shakers & Percussion, Electro Acoustic Guitars by Guild and a 12-String Washburn!


Alessandro English Coonhound

allessandro english coonhound photo
allessandro english coonhound photo2

Think Vox AC30 on steroids. Class A. Special gold on solid copper chassis. Vintage hand picked tubes. 4 El84 power tubes. Amp maintained by Alessandro.
Beautiful chimey cleans to classic British grind all from the guitar volume knobs. Very dynamically responsive.

Alessandro Bluetick Coonhound
allessandro bluetick coonhound photo

Think Fender Blackface tones. Class A. Vintage hand picked tubes. 4 6V6 power tubes. Amp maintained by Alessandro.
Beautiful fendery cleans to classic American grind all from the guitar volume knobs. Very dynamically responsive.

Alessandro Italian Greyhound
allesandro italian greyhound photo

Low gain, beautiful clean tones. Class A.Vintage hand picked tubes. 2 6550 power tubes. Amp maintained by Alessandro. 55 watts into 8, 16 ohm outputs. Built-in small tank spring reverb. Excellent for jazz, pedal or lap steel, or bass guitar.

Alessandro Working Dog Boxer 1-12 combo

The Boxer is a 20-watt, 2x6V6 or optional 2xEL84 Class A guitar amplifier. The preamp section consists of one 12AT7 reverb tube, two 12AX7 pre-amp and phase-inverter tubes, with two 6V6s in the power section.

Think fender blackface with creamy / chimey option settings. Upgraded with a Eminence Patriot speaker.

3 Alessandro Cabinets available:

  • 2 x12 Ebonized Poplar half open back with Celestion Blues (8 ohm)
  • 2 x12 Ebonized Poplar half open back with Jensen Vintage Neo's (8 ohm)
  • 1 x12 Ebonized Poplar half open back with Celestion Century Vintage Neo (8 ohm)

Mesa 1 x 12 half open cabinet with fine cane grill Weber Silver bell (8 ohms)

Dumble clone – Brown Note D'Lite 22 in combo 1-12 cab

Very nice clone with all the classic Dumble tone options. No effects loop, and no foot switch jacks. Pure tone. NOS hand picked tubes and a mid 60 JBL D120. Think Carlton / Ford tones. Takes pedals very well.


  • 68 Marshall Supa Fuzz
  • Matt Wells 5 O'Clock Shadow (Fuzz Face)
  • Dice Work Big Muff Finale with Vox Tonebender and Cornish options
  • Blackstone Overdrive
  • Prescription Electronics Vibe Unit
  • Janglebox compressor
  • EBow (Special competencies)
  • (Many more to list)

You name it, we've got it!

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