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Recording Engineer

ADR: Film Alec Baldwin, Hawaii
Alec Baldwin, Boss Baby
Alec Baldwin, Taurus
Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Still Alice
Bob Balaban, Mayans
Candice Bergen, Home Again
Cynthia Nixon, World Without End
Dakota Johnson, The Friend
David Hykes, Soft Pedal
Dominic West, The Day They Dropped the Bomb
Dominic West, Tales in Flight
Eddie Marsan, Feedback
Eddie Marsan, The Scientist
Fred Malamed, In a World
Jensen Ackles, Supernatural
Jessica Chastain, Tammy Baker’s Eyes
John Benjamin Hickey, Manhattan
John Benjamin Hickey, Truth
John Benjamin Hickey, Housebroken
John Leguizamo, Humboldt Park
John Leguizamo, Encanto
Julianne Moore, Spirit Untamed
Julie Andrews, Despicable Me 3
Julie Andrews, Minions 3
Julie Kavner, Moons Over Milford
Kelly Reilly, Promises
Kevin Sorbo, Before the Wrath
Kim Catrall, The Witness for the Prosecution
Liev Schreiber, Creed
Liev Schreiber, My Little Pony
Lorraine Branco, Mahogany
Lorraine Branco, Jacir
Louis C. K., The Secret Life of Pets
Luke Kirby, The Bad Witch
Matthew Broderick, Amusement Park
Mercedes Ruehl, Hustlers
Molly Simms, The Wrong Missy
Naomi Watts, Shut In
Naomi Watts, Demolition
Naomi Watts, Three Generations
Naomi Watts, Penguin Bloom
Olivia Grant, The Box
Olivia Grant, The Irregulars
Richard Kind, Dr. Doolittle
Richard Kind, Red Oaks
Richard Gere, DVD Commentary on Days Of Heaven
Roy Scheider, Chicago Moon
Roy Scheider, Dark Honeymoon
Sarah Jessica Parker, All Roads Lead to Rome
Sarah Jessica Parker, I Don't Know How She Does It
Scarlett Johansson, Sing 2
Scarlett Johansson, Spiderwoman
Tovah Feldshuh, Bleecker
Sarah Jessica Parker, What She Said: Pauline Karl
Yancy Butler, The Assassin's Code
Yancy Butler, Boyfriend Killer
Yancy Butler, Deathrace 2000

ADR: Documentaries Mercedes Ruehl, Peggy Guggenheim (Fischio Films)
Roy Scheider, Notre Dame: Echoes of Glory
Alec Baldwin, Running With Arnold
Peter Mattheissen, No Boundaries



Audio Post-Production, Sound Design, Music Recording, Engineer and Mixer

“Legs” : A Big Issue in a Small Town (Village)

Producer, Sound Design, Audio Post-Production, Music Recording, Engineer

Treasure in the Rubble: The Story of Lois Wilson

Music Recording and Engineer / Mixer

Recording The Producers: A Musical Romp with
On The Muscle, Composer: Charles Gross
Smiles: Roy Scheider, Composer: Bruce Wolosoff
Reel Montauk, John Barrett
Legs, Forever Productions
Long Exposure, Liev Schreiber  

Feature Films

Music Recording and Engineer / Mixer

Cremaster, Composer: Jonathan Bepler
Judy Berlin, Composer: Michael Nicholas
Spirit of '76, Composer: David Nichtern
Sweet Dreams, Composer: Charles Gross
This Aint BeBop (Bakshi Productions-American Playhouse/PBS), Composer: Gary Anderson
We Got It Made (MGM/UA)
Broadcast News (20th Century Fox) Zelimo, Composer: Pete Levin  

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