Annie Kagan, Engineer / Mixer
Elle Winter, PS I Love You (single), Engineer / Mixer
Forbidden Broadway, Forbidden Broadway: The Next Generation, Mixer
Faith Popcorn and Karen Zoid, O Fortuna, Engineer / Mixer
JayZ, (various), Recording
Jimmy Fallon, Christmas Duet with Dolly Parton, Engineer
Kim Tiernan, O’ Mother Earth, Engineer / Mixer
Mia Theodoratus, Engineer / Mixer
Jennifer Lopez, (various), Recording
Beyoncé, Hell You Talmbout (single), Recording
Savvy Reuben, In Seattle (single), Engineer / Mixer
Unsung Heroes, Engineer / Mixer
A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Recording
David Nichtern, Pandemoonia, Engineer / Mixer
Davey Harris, Morocco (singles), Engineer / Mixer
Greg Bucking, Broken Carousel, Mastering
Karen Zoid, Under the Covers, Mixer / Mastering
Lea Michele, Forever, Engineer
Fred Schneider, River City Queen (single with Miranda Lambert), Engineer
Val DiLorenzo, yyy, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Why Hunger, Drum Together (single), Engineer
Marco Bianchi, Switch, Mastering

Ada Rovatti/Randy Brecker, Sacred Bond, Mixer
Rufus Wainwright, Let the River Run, Engineer
Susan Wendelkin, single, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Fred Raimondo, Cinema, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Jennifer Lopez / Capitol Records, Engineer
Chris Martin vocals on Beck song, Stratosphere, Engineer
Coldplay, Everyday Life, Master Replay
Glenn Feit, Act II, Scene II Originals, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Jeff LeBlanc, All I Want for Christmas is You (single), Engineer / Mixer
Jonathan Farrington, Will You, Engineer / Mixer
Kyle Lester, Plans, It Didn’t Have to Be (singles), Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Tom and Lisa, EP, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Christiana Eva, Under Cov(h)er, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Drue DeMilo, Wildlife (single), Producer / Engineer / Mixer
GE Smith / LeRoy Bell, Engineer
Peaceman Music, Engineer

Liam Meaney, Castletown, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Jimmie Sands, Country Radio, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Taylor Barton / GE Smith, Unreleased, Engineer
Glenn Goodman, Friends in High Places, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Martin Rabbett, Unlikely Allies, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Thalia, Unreleased, Sony Records
Sturdy Souls, Circles, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Zayn Malik, Unreleased 2018, Studio

Ann Purcell, Songs to the Full Moon, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Marigrace Dineen, Great Gun, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Cheryl Fried, The Gold Album, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Sofia D'Angelo, Untitled, Engineer/ Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Points East, A Love You Can't Deny, Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Vine Brothers, No More Candy, Mastering Engineer
Amanda Becchio, Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Spamilton (Broadway), Spamilton, Engineer / Mixer
Kyler Lake, Fresh Peach Parfait, Mixer
Kyle Lester, Mixer
Zayn Malik, Mind of Mine, Studio

Randy Brecker, Randy Pop! Live From the Blue Note, Mixer
Taylor Barton and GE Smith, Pedro N’ Pip: A Musical, Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Nancy Atlas and Chad Smith, The Tale of Johnny Load, Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Nana Simopoulos, Skins, Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Mariann Megna, Sunlight Chant, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Glenn Feit, Act II Scene 1, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering Engineer
Michael Weiskopf, Love & Entropy, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Tim Nugent-Head, Homage, Mixer / Mastering Engineer

Jennifer Lopez, Same Girl (single), Engineer
Ada Rovatti featuring Randy Brecker, Disguise, Mixer
Bryan Brooks, Shadows of the Sun,Producer / Mixer
HooDoo Loungers, HooDoo Lounge, Producer / Mixer
Clearwater Stills, Clearwater Stills, Producer / Mixer
Forbidden Broadway, Comes Out Swinging!, Editing / Mixer
Dune Local, Dune Local, Producer / Mixer
InCircles, Stable 8, Producer / Mixer
Kevin Teare, Don't Pet the White Dog, Mastering
Laura Thompson, Laura Thompson, Producer / Mixer
Spitn Kitn, Mental Wipeout, Producer / Mixer
Martha Mooke, No Ordinary Window, Producer / Mixer
Steve Shaughnessy, Duo, Mixer
Alyson Cambridge, Black Coffee, Producer / Mixer

Michael Weiskopf, Suffering Fools, Producer / Engineer
A New Bug, A New Bug, Mastering
Forever Dusty: A Tribute To Dusty Springfield (Broadway), Engineer / Mixer
HooDoo Loungers, HooDoo Lounge, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
InCircles, YoungBlood, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Bruce Wolosoff, A Light In The Dark, Co-producer / Engineer / Mixer

Mama Lee Rose & Friends, Live, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
The Mystery of Edwin Drood (Broadway), Engineer / Mixer
Michael Weiskopf, Insomnia, Co-producer / Engineer / Mixer
Darcey, Autumn Heart, Mixer and Mastering Engineer
Forbidden Broadway, Alive & Kicking, Engineer / Mixer
Bruce Wolosoff, Many Worlds, Co-producer / Engineer / Mixer
The Black Petals, The Black Petals, Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Joe Delia and the Thieves, Smoke and Mirrors, Co-producer / Engineer / Mixer
Inda Eaton, Go West, Engineer / Mixer
Stage Door Canteen, Engineer / Mixer
Dick Johannson, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, Solo, Live at Feinstein's
Sara Hartman, Everyone I Love, Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Julie Andrews / Emma Walton, Julie Andrews Collection, Engineer / ** GRAMMY AWARD WINNER
Bruce Wolosoff, Live from Guild Hall, Engineer / Mixer
Scott Daly, Isabelle, Mixer
Arie Thompson, I'll Know Who You Are When I see You Again, Mixer / Mastering
Sheree Elder, Solo, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Faith Prince, Live from The Colony, Line Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Bruce Beyer and HottWaxx, Live, Engineer / Mixer
Ali Glassman, Solo, Engineer / Mixer
Eve Eliot, Meditations, Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Jane Krakowski, The Laziest Gal In Town, Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, Close as Pages in a Book, Engineer / Mixer
Mariann Megna, Grey Matters, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Miguel Velasquez, Solo, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
MamaLeeRose and Friends, MLR and Friends, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Yoselle Rosenblatt, Restored Recordings from the Early 20th Century, Mixer
Karen Akers, Cole Porter, Engineer / Mixer
Evolution 3, Mixer

Athena Reich, Little Girl Dreams, Engineer / Mixer
Karen Akers, Simply Styne, Engineer / Mixer
Pete Levin, Certified Organic, Mixer
Barbara Cook, Rainbow Round My Shoulder, Engineer / Mixer
Tamar Haviv, Girls Away From Girls, Mixer
Little Head Thinks, Mixer

Forbidden Broadway: Rude Awakening, Engineer / Mixer
Inda Eaton, Live From Casper, Mixer
Face The Music, Cast Album, Engineer / Mixer
Judy Collins, Judy Collins Sings Lennon McCartney, Mixer
Doug Aitken, Knockout, Engineer / Mixer
Michael Hennessy, Solo, Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Pete Levin, Deacon Blues, Mixer / Mastering
Barbara Cook, Live at the Metropolitan Opera, Engineer / Mixer / Line Producer
KT Sullivan/Mark Nadler, A Fine Romance, Eng / Mixer
Stan Cleveland, Stand Up All You Children, Mixer / Mastering
Telly Karoussos, Live Music For Free, Mastering
3 Mo Tenors, Mixer / Mastering,
Sezen Aksu, Engineer
Gal Costa, Live at the Blue Note, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Sandra Bernhard, All Things Bad and Beautiful, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Eartha Kitt, Live at the Café Carlyle, Co-Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Nancy Atlas, Live at Guild Hall, Engineer / Mixer
Tristan Fisher, Solo, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
DR Dwyer, Solo, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, No One Is Alone, Associate Producer / Engineer / Mixer

Nancy Atlas, Matador, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
New York Confidential, Forrest Buchtel and Urge, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Toxic Audio, Word of Mouth, Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, Tribute, Engineer / Mixer
Danny Gottlieb, Jazz Classics, Engineer / Mixer
Earl Rose, Guys and Dolls, Engineer / Mixer
Ute Lemper, Blood & Feathers: Live from the Cafe Carlyle [DVD] Engineer / Mixer
Stan Cleveland, Stand Up All You Children, Mixer
Paul Gene, Spirit Moved Me, Mixer / Mastering
Nick Humez, MythSongs, Mastering
Folks Together, Pilgrims, Mastering

Judi Silvano Spirit Music, Engineer / Mixer
Sally Stark, Sally Stark Sings Maxine Sullivan, Engineer / Mixer
Judi Silvano, Let Yourself Go, Engineer / Mixer
Chaka Khan, Classikhan, Engineer / Mixer
Wayne Lammers & Pete Levin, GOP Party Monsters, Mastering
Barbara Cook, Barbara Cook's Broadway! Engineer / Mixer / Line Producer
Rita Gardner, Try To Remember, Engineer / Mixer / Mastering
Linda Hallman, Live at Stephen Talkhouse, Engineer / Mixer
Ben Jelen, Live at the Mercury Lounge, Engineer / Mixer

Sarah Brooks, What Is My Heart For, Mastering
Steve Ross, I Won't Dance, Engineer / Associate Producer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, Count Your Blessings, Engineer / Mixer
Clarisse Assad and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, My Funny Valentine, Engineer

James Naughton, It's About Time, Engineer / Mixer

Willa Ford, Willa Was Here, Vocal Production Engineer
Heather Nova, South, Engineer
Ralph Sharon Quartet, Plays Ralph Blane Songbook, Engineer / Mixer
Hellman's Angels, Pop Go the Angels! Remixer
Great Cabaret Performances, Various Artists, Engineer / Mixer
Nana Simopoulos, Daughters of the Sun, Engineer
Barbara Cook, Live at Carnegie Hall, Producer / Engineer / Mixer

K.T. Sullivan, Sweetest Sounds, Engineer / Mixer
Tom Lehrer, Remains of Tom Lehrer, Engineer / Mixer
Jim Caruso, Live and in Person, Engineer / Mixer
Faith Prince, Leap of Faith, Engineer, Mixer / Line Producer
Julie Wilson, Cy Coleman Songbook, Engineer / Mixer

Julie Wilson, George Gershwin Songbook with William Roy, Mixer
Carol Sloane, Romantic Ellington, Engineer / Mixer
Ralph Sharon Quartet, Plays Frank Loesser Songbook, Engineer / Mixer
Patti Lu Pone, Matters of the Heart, Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, Champion Season, Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, All I Ask of You, Engineer / Mixer

Sarah Greene, Endo / Exo, Producer / Mixer
Tom Postilio, Dream, Engineer / Associate Producer / Mixer

Earl Rose, Take My Breath Away, Engineer / Mixer
Ralph Sharon Quartet, Plays Harry Warren Songbook, Engineer / Mixer
Marla BB, Mercy!, Producer / Engineer / Mixer / Mastering
Karen Akers, Live from Rainbow & Stars, Engineer / Mixer
KT Sullivan, In Other Words: The Songs of Bart Howard, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Baby Jane Dexter, Big Bad & Blue - Live!, Engineer / Mixer

Ann Hampton Callaway & Liz Callaway, Sibling Revelry, Engineer / Mixer / Producer
Ralph Sharon Quartet, Portrait of Harold, Engineer / Mixer
Sarah Greene, Never Been So Arranger, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Steve Ross, Close, Cole Porter, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
B3 Toshihiko Kankawa, Engineer

K.T. Sullivan, Sing My Heart: The Songs of Harold Arlen, Engineer / Mixer
Annie Ross, Music Is Forever, Engineer / Mixer
Phillip Officer, Fancy Meeting You, Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Carroll, Everything I Love, Mixer

Sarah Greene, Sarah Greene, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Amanda McBroom, Live from Rainbow & Stars, Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, Live from London, Producer/Engineer / Mixer
Karen Akers, Just Imagine, Engineer / Mixer
Nana Simopoulos, Gaia's Dream, Producer, Engineer / Mixer
Ann Hampton Callaway, Bring Back Romance, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
Eartha Kitt, Back in Business, Engineer / Mixer

Laurie Beechman, Time Between the Time, Engineer / Mixer
John Wallowitch, My Manhattan, Engineer / Mixer
Jay Leonhart, Live at Fat Tuesdays, Producer / Engineer / Mixer
K.T. Sullivan, Crazy World, Engineer / Mixer
Barbara Cook, Close as Pages in a Book, Engineer / Mixer
Cabaret Christmas, Various Artists, Engineer / Mixer

LaVern Baker, Woke Up This Mornin', Engineer / Mixer
Jo Sullivan Loesser, Loesser by Loesser: A Salute, Engineer / Mixer
Ann Hampton Callaway, Ann Hampton Callaway, Engineer / Mixer

Unchained Melodies Karen Akers, Engineer / Mixing
Saloon Dorothy Loudon, Engineer / Mixer
No Jam's Allowed Contempo Trio, Engineer / Mixing
Forbidden Broadway, Vol. 2 Original Off-Broadway Cast, Engineer
Billy Stritch, Billy Stritch, Engineer
Kiss My Axe, Al Dimeola, Engineer

Margaret Whiting, Then and Now, Engineer / Mixer
Julie Wilson, Sings the Cole Porter Songbook, Engineer / Mixer
Pete Levin with Danny Gottlieb, Masters in This Hall, Engineer / Mixer
Danny Gottlieb, Brooklyn Blues, Mixer

Julie Wilson, Sings the Harold Arlen Songbook, Engineer / Mixer
Danny Gottlieb & Pete Levin, New Age of Christmas, Mixer
Bill Mays, Kaleidoscope, Engineer / Mixer
Anita O'Day, In a Mellow Tone, Engineer / Mixer
Red Rodney and Garry Dial, Code Red, Engineer / Mixer

Hugh Masekela, Uptownship, Engineer
Julie Wilson, Sings the Kurt Weill Songbook, Engineer / Mixer
Jean-Loup Longnon & His New York Orchestra, Engineer / Mixer

Julie Wilson, Sings the Stephen Sondheim Songbook, Engineer / Mixer

Nana Simopoulos, Wings & Air, Engineer / Mixer
Marlene Ver Planck, Sings Alec Wilder, Engineer / Mixer
Red Rodney Quintet, No Turn on Red, Engineer / Mixer
Eddie Higgins, By Request, Engineer / Mixer
Gary Anderson and Bob Belden, Hotel Sax, Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer

Elements, Blown Away, Engineer / Mixer

Garry Dial Trio, Never Is Now, Engineer / Mixer
Sylvia Syms, Jazz Portrait of Johnny Mercer, Mastering


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